Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange chords

Rainwater Cassette Exchange

A BTwo weeks of misery
A BCapture my heart and destroy me
A BDestroy my mind and my body
A BInvade like a disease and conquer me
A G#m B F#My wild excuse could not believe
A G#m B F#I know I can stop breathing
A G#m B F#I see the light I want to see
A G#m B F#I hold the hand that beckons me
A BDo you believe in love at first sight
A BOh yes my son I did the first time
A BOh yes my son I did before I died
A BAnd now it does me no good here on the other side
A G#m B F#I know my place without a face
A G#m B F#A cold embrace then all is waste
A G#m B F#Till I can find a new escape
A G#m B F#Reborn again some other place 
A A (end)
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