Deerhunter - Coronado chords


piano part:

Acoustic guitar:e----------------------------0-----|B-------4-------4-------4-----4----|G-4-4----4-4----4--4---------------|
then throughout the whole song: B D#m A G#m X2 F#m E B X2 Lyrics: I was sick, I was dead Lay my head on the cement bed I had a few good years But they don't know Come on now, don't leave me hangin' 'Cause I wanna get down or I - I'll start believing' what they said In my heart, I don't believe it And if I go ahead I know that you're leavin' and I - I can't wait to see you go I can't wait to see you go In my heart, I feel so high I want to know the answers why I ask so many questions, they let me go They hang up the telephone "And if I die, before I wake I know that it must frustrate some people That need a paycheck Well, they need their blood let."
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