Deerhunter – Death In Midsummer chords


A [X8]


A ACome on down from that cloud
A D G C AAnd cast your fears aside
A AYou're all here and there
A D G C AAnd there's nothing inside
A AMay God's will be done
A D G C AIn these poisoned hills
A D G C AAnd let the devil be cast out on his tail
A G C AThere was a voice that called me
A G C AThere was a light that burned me
A ACome on and let's be sure
A D G C ALet's not pave the way
AYour friends have died
A D G C AAnd their lives, they just fade away
ASome worked the hills
ASome worked in factories
A D G C AWorked their lives away
A A D G C AAnd in time, you will see your own life fade away
A G C AThere was no time to go back
A G C AThere was no time to go back
[Bridge] A A D G C A A [X2] [Verse]
AThey were in hills
AThey were in factories
A D G C AThey are in graves now
A AThey were in debt to themselves
A D G C AAnd what is it made of now?
A G C AI go around and feel how it fades
A G C AI walk around and I see what's fading
A G C AWalk around and you'll see how it fades
A G C AWalk around and you'll see what's faded
[Guitar Solo]
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