Defiance Ohio - Grandma Song chords version 1

Grandma Song
Defiance, Ohio
The Great Depression

D A Bm (A) G AHumans can be the cutest of animals sometimes and I walk out the hospital cursing cars
D A Bm (A) G A Dbecause all this turnover makes me so tired.
A Bm (A) GAnd how are you feeling? All the white in these hospital walls can't quite wash out
A Dyour tired weak eyes.
Bm(C#m)D Bm (C#m) DAnd Grandma tucks you in at night, says "Never be afraid of anything outside."
Bm (C#m) D G AGrandma tucks you in at night. Says "Goodnight, little sweet."
D A Bm Do you come from a dead people? These pictures of the past litter the floor like
G A Dnewsprint - like cities fell in stacks
A Bm (A) G Aand men jumped from buildings. The dust was overwhelming. Do we expect anything to
D BmGoodnight, little sweet. (Goodnight, little sweet)
A GI'll sing you to sleep. (Watch everything recede)
A DLa la la laa
BmGoodnight, little sweet. (Goodnight, little sweet)
A GWatch everything recede. (I'll sing you to sleep)
A DLa la la laa.
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