Defiance Ohio – Hair Pool chords

Em B EI'll tell you in street intersections because they give you a place to go.
B E Give meanings to lines on maps, and tell you how you're gonna get home.
B E Now I'm back here in the Midwest, where everything's familiar and
B Esincere but everything's external. Nothin' just happened to you here, in-
between coasts. [B E B E]
F# E B F#Looking for what it was you lost on 2nd St. Forgot what it was
E [Bs] F# E Bon Washington. And you let it go, you let it go, you let it go and jumped in
F# E [B,E..]that pool on Dunn. We're still in town, isn't that fun. Yeah, isn't that fun.
E B ENow I know there's been some hard times, and I don't mean you and me.
B EYou're over believing and back to forgetting, and you're turning on T.V.
B EAnd what you see just makes you numb, and the headlines all become a
B Eblur. And the years and the lives scroll by the bottom of the screen like
B Edesert sand. We're entrenched in a mess, embedded in our beds, sleeping in.
B EWhat I wouldn't give, to want to live like I once did.
F# E BLooking for what it was you lost on 2nd St. I'm staring through the
F# E Bwindows of my friends, and I can see all their lofted beds. Imagining all
F# E B F#these lofty dreams in skinny clouds above their heads, and we're waitin' for the
E Bhesitation to end.
F# E B F# EThis town is way too small to ever need the bus. So meet me at the pool that
B [B, E, B, E..]They keep unlocked all night for us.
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