Deftones – Drive tab

ARTIST: Deftones
SONG: Drive (The Cars Cover)
ALBUM: Saturday Night Wrist

This is my version of the song. It sounds the same, don't worry. The acoustic guitar is
to BBGDAB. The 1st and 6th string B's are tuned to a lower pitch than the standard
tuning. You can find out the timings by listening to the song. And don't be too harsh 
commenting or rating, this is my first tab.


Then repeat the verse part while singing "Who's gonna drive you home tonight?" BRIDGE :-
And then go back to the verse part, while the electric guitar does a simple solo. I'm not tabbing the bass and electric guitar parts, because I'm feeling really lazy now. If you have any questions, or want details, or want the bass and electric guitar parts, send me an e-mail at
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