Deftones - Poltergeist tab

This song is by the worlds greatest band (IMO) the bands name is Deftones. 
this song is called Poltergeist and its from their 7th studio album "Koi No Yokan"
the tunning is on an 8 string guitar. EBEADGBE
i also have a video of me covering the song on youtube, if your not understanding
this tab so much just listen to the song or watch my video.
have fun playing this song its pretty easy :)

E |--------------------------------|B |--------------------------------|G |--------------------------------|D |--------------------------------|A |--------------------------------|x8E |--------------------------------|B |--------------------------------|E |0-12-12-0-12-12-0-12p0-0-11--11-|
This next part is the little fast riff when chino sings "I let you pretendd" just listen to the song and try to get it all in place.
E |--------------------------------------|B |--------------------------------------|G |--------------------------------------|D |--------------------------------------|A |6/8-/13------11--/14--11-\9---11------|x4E |4/6-/11-11----------------------------|B |4/6-/11-11---9---/12--9--\7---9------ |E |--------11---0---0----0---0---0-------|
This next part is when chino sings "Thiiiisssss tiiiiiimmmeeeee!"
E |----------------------------------|B |----------------------------------|G |----------------------------------|D |-----------------------------9--9-|A |8---8---8---11-11-11-11-----------|x4E |6---6---6---9--9--9--9--0--0-7--7-|B |6---6---6---9--9--9--9--0--0------|E |6---6---6---9--9--9--9--0--0------|
steff comes back and does the main riff again (towards the 5th time i think he palm mutes it?)
E |--------------------------------|B |--------------------------------|G |--------------------------------|D |--------------------------------|A |--------------------------------|x8E |--------------------------------|B |--------------------------------|E |0-12-12-0-12-12-0-12p0-0-11-11--|
steff goes back to doing the little fast riff.
E |--------------------------------------|B |--------------------------------------|G |--------------------------------------|D |--------------------------------------|A |6/8-/13------11--/14--11-\9---11------|x4E |4/6-/11-11----------------------------|B |4/6-/11-11---9---/12--9--\7---9------ |E |--------11---0---0----0---0---0-------|
After the fast riff instead of going into the chorus they go into a little breakdown? i think its a breakdown.. on the power chord of 6's play it many times till steff stops and gets silent with the claps and bass line. (also PM some of those power chords of 6's)
E |--------------------------------------|B |--------------------------------------|G |--------------------------------------|D |4--4--4--4-2--2--2--8-8-8-8-8-8-------|A |4--4--4--4-2--2--2--8-8-8-8-8-8-------|E |2--2--2--2-0--0--0--6-6-6-6-6-6-------|B |2--2--2--2-0--0--0--6-6-6-6-6-6-------|E |2--2--2--2-0--0--0--6-6-6-6-6-6-------|
After the break down its just sergio playing bass to the tempo of abes little clap noise thingys. but after awhile steff plays the main riff about 4 times i believe then chino screams. After chino screams it goes back to the chorus ("Thhiiiiiiissss tiiiimmmeeeeee") and after that he plays that one breakdown 2 times and after that he plays the main riff again till the end. -gwenudo666 :)
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