Deftones – Crenshaw tab

Deftones - Crenshaw
Tabbed By: Steven

Tuning: Drop (Db-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb) [Tune down 1/2 step, then tune 
the E string to the D string (3rd from the top)]

(P.S. Find the strumming pattern/number of strums yourself.
Just search for "Deftones - Crenshaw (Studio Version)" or something
like that, on KaZaA.  There's a live version, but studio is clearer)

Intro:Gb|-------13---------------^13---------|Db|-------0----------------^0----------|Ab|-------11---------------^11---------|Db|-------0----------------^0----------|Strum This ^ Then bend up ^ slightly
First Part:Db|-------13-----|Ab|-------11-----|Db|-------11-----|Strum This ^ Up and Down 16 Times
Rest Into Intro:Db|-0-|Ab|-0-|Db|-0-| Then immediately repeat the intro, first part, and the rest4 more times.
Second Part:Db|-7--9----7--9----7--9----7--9--12--11-|Strum This Last Note 9 TimesAb|-7--9----7--9----7--9----7--9--12--11-|Then Immediately For TheDb|-7--9----7--9----7--9----7--9--12--11-|Last 7 Strums Play..
Second Part (Cnt'd):Db|-13-|Ab|-11-| Repeat The Second Part <3 Times>Db|-11-|
Db|-7--9----7--9----7--9----7--9--12--0~~~~|Ab|-7--9----7--9----7--9----7--9--12--0~~~~|Db|-7--9----7--9----7--9----7--9--12--0~~~~| (~) Let Ring ^
Play this for however many times it does it
The Final Bridge Rest Type Of Riff <1st Part>:Gb|--13-|Db|--0--|Ab|--11-|Db|--0--|This ^ Is Strummed A Shit Load Of Times, Then..
The Final Bridge Rest Type Of Riff <2nd Part>:Gb|--18-|Db|--0--| Repeat The 1st & 2nd Part <2 Times>, Then..Ab|--16-|Db|--0--| FIGURE THE REST OF THE SONG OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! COS' I'VE DONE GIVEN YOU ALL THE FUCKIN' RIFFS!!!!!!!!!!!
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