Deftones - Be Quiet & Drive Acoustic tab

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From: "josh tonkin" 
Subject: d/deftones/be_quiet_and_drive_acoustic.crd
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 04:22:49 GMT

song: be quiet and drive(far away) acoustic version.
by: deftones
tuning: detuned       x=strum last chord again
tabbed by josh tonkin

versee---------B---------G--11--11-d--11--11-A--9 --9 -D------9 -
1st choruse---------------------------------------B-----------11-------------------11-----G--11-----11---11-------11-----11---11--d--11--11---------11----11---11--------11A--9 ----------------0--9 ---------------D-----------------------9 -9-------------
2nd choruse----------------------------B----------------------------G--11--x-x-x-x--11--x-x-x-x-xd--11--x-x-x-x--11--x-x-x-x-xA--9 --x-x-x-x--9 --x-x-x-x-xD------x-x-x-x--9 --x-x-x-x-x
verse x7 1st chorus x3 verse x4 2nd chorus x3 verse x4 bridge x6 1st chorus until fade out
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