Deicide – Behind The Light Shall Rise tab

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DEICIDE - "Behind the Light Thou Shall Rise"
from the album 'Once Upon the Cross'
tabbed by AJMB (

Tuning: 1/2 step down

RIFF1: E B F# F E B G F# F C G F|---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||-------2222----------------2222----------------3333------------||--0000------2222-1111-0000------3333-2222-1111------3333-1111--|
RIFF2: E F# G C E B E A# E A G |----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------||--------5-----4-----3-----2-------||--------3-----2-----1-----0-------||--0-2-3---0-0---0-0---0-0---3333--|
RIFF3: F E G F E C G# G F G# G F|---------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------3333----------------------------------|--1111111111-00-33-11-00000000------4444-33333333-11-44-33-11111111—-
C G# -------------| -------------| -------------| -------------| --3333-------| -------4444--|
SONG STRUCTURE: RIFF1 (X4) RIFF2 (X) RIFF3 (X) RIFF1 (X) RIFF2 (X) RIFF3 (X) RIFF1 (X) RIFF2 (X) \ |-- solo RIFF3 (X) / LYRICS: Disemboweled on the altar jesus christ Entrails in the pentagram circle Spill his blood and reversing catholic hymn Invocate the onslaught of Satan Master Lord Lucifer From behind the light thou shall rise Drink ourselves as you feed His offering of purity Bible bleed, hell on Earth has been achieved Thou will fall before thy Lord Satan Casting sin, pissing on their crucifix Stepping forth into his creation Master Lord Lucifer From behind the light thou shall rise Walk His Earth, invade in pain His christians become the enslaved What was once is never more Infernal Lord Father restored Blinding priest in disbelief Revenge onto god he has sworn Music: DEICIDE Lyrics: GLEN BENTON
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