Deisel Boy – Melanie Banks Where Can You Be tab

Pre Verse: B, E 1st Verse: B Em Melanie Banks where can you be? B G# E F# I haven?t seen you since our graduation day B Em And the years keep floating by B G# E F# Are you doing well? Is everything alright? G# E Remember our crazy night F# B After senior prom G# E We were naked in your pool B F# And we got busted by your mom Chorus: B E F# E Melanie , Where can you be? B E F# E B Its been so long / I wonder if you ever think about me 2nd verse: B Em Melanie Banks how have you been? B G# E F# Someone told me you?re living in New York again B Em I called your mother?s house today B G# E F# But the message said that she had moved away G# E I still laugh about the time F# B You passed out in your car G# E With Mother?s Milk on ten B F# And your headlights on Chorus: Bridge: C# E Just 8 words in my yearbook C# E 8 words was all you wrote F# E And you didn?t sign your name B F# Just your initials and your quote Chorus:
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