Del Amitri – Being Somebody Else chords

BEING SOMEBODY ELSE     -       Del Amitri

Tuning: DADGBe

Capo on 2nd 

D5 - Em11 - C - 
D5 - Em11 - Cadd9 -
D5 - Em11 - C - 
D5 - Em11 - Cadd9 

D5 Em11 C How are you going to pa - ss the time of day
D5 Em11 C C In your beautiful empty shell
D5 Em11 C When you've shaken the hand of so ma - ny sinceroes
D5 Em11 G/B (C) You feel like a fa - ke your - self
Cadd9 How do you choose between
Cadd9 you and me when
E7 we both feed on
E7 being somebody
D5 Em11 C D5 Em11 Cadd9 E - E - E - E - lse
D5 Em11 C So you suck on the ju - ice of youth and use
D5 Em11 C C any chemical yo - u can get
D5 Em11 C You get deeper in de - bt every step you take
D5 Em11 G/B (C) on your ladder of li - feless - ness
Cadd9 Bye bye to the
Cadd9 boring times
E7 Hel - lo to my friend,
E7 how you been being somebody else?
D5 Em11 C D5 Em11 E - E - E - E - lse
Cadd9 somebody, somebody
Break: D5 - Em11 - C - D5 - Em11 - Cadd9 - D5 - Em11 - C - D5 - Em11 - Cadd9 - D5 - E7 - F6 - G6 - D5 - B - C - D5 /
e|-------/-------/-------/-------|B|-------/-------/------3/-------|G|-------/----1-2/----5--/----1-2| 2x D|----0h4/--0----/--5----/--0----|A|--0----/-------/3------/-------|D|0------/2------/-------/x------|
D5 Em11 C Now the troops in you he - ad won't o - bey what you say
D5 Em11 C C And the mutiny see - ms to spread
D5 Em11 C all you can hea - r is a voice in your ear
D5 Em11 G/B (C) and it's telling you tha - t you're dead
Cadd9 The sun sets in a
Cadd9 coffee cup,
E7 the moon throws up
E7 The flood flows over the
G house,
G G The books start jumping from the
F F shelf
F E7 And the clothes horse races it - self
E7 Now we're all so busy being somebody
D5 / E - E - E - lse Outro:
D5 - Em11 - C somebody, somebody 4x
D5 - E7 - F6 - G6 - D5 - B - C - D5 / D5 - Em11 - C 6x D5 //
D5 00023xEm11 20003x
C x3201x Cadd9 x3203x G/B x2000x E7 22013x F6 33323x G6 55545x B x2444x
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