Delillos – Uendelig Trist tab

DeLillos - Uendelig trist

Band : De Lillos
Album: Neste Sommer
Music: De Lillos
Text : Lars Lillo Steenberg
Tab  : Thomas Teigland,

My first DeLillos tab. Great but sad song about
a love you cant have, we can all relate.
Thanks to Geir Fauskeland for the
previously released pro chords on this song!
Minor things have been corrected. Enjoy!


Guitar 1 and 2 plays the verse and chorus.
Guitar 1 plays verse when Guitar 2 plays solo.
Harmonica plays at various places in the song.


C - G/B - Am - Em - F - G (x2)


F - G - Am - Em - F - G - C (x2)


The order of the song is like follows: Verse (with harmonica) Verse Chorus Verse (with harmonica) Verse Chorus Verse (with Guitar 2 solo) Chorus Verse (Guitar 1 only strumming each chord) Verse Chorus Thats it, enjoy! - EOF -
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