Delirious – Deeper tab

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Title:  Deeper
Artist: deliriou5
Album:King of Fools [Furious Records]
Transcribed by:Elliot Whiting (

OK, this is my first attempt at posting one of my many tabs and I
thought I'd post a favourite. It's an improvement on the previous
version by Naz, including a solo and fuller chords
The intro is played on the bass but I'll give it to you anyhow 'cos lots
of the song is on it.

[Guitars come in...] E/B/C#m/A E/B/D/A Then, for the verse its just the bass again. E D I wanna go deeper but I dunno how to swim, C# B I wanna be meaker but have you seen this old life, E D I wanna fly higher but these arms won't take me there, C# B I wanna be, I wanna be... [Guitars...] BRIDGE A F#m C#m B Maybe I could run, and maybe I could fly to you, A F#m C#m B A But do you feel the same, when all I see is blame in me? CHORUS E And the wonder of it all, B Is that I'm living just to fall, C# A More in love with you, E And the wonder of it all, B Is that I'm living just to fall, D A More in love with you yeah.
The next verse comprises bass playing the same as the first verse, and aclean, possibly acoustic, guitar playing similar line but with a pedalnote on the 4th fret, 3rd string (it's a B) E D C# B||--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------||||--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------||||----4-----4---|----4-----4---|----4-----4---|----4-----4---||||-2----2-2---2-|-0----0-0---0-|--------------|--------------||||--------------|--------------|-4----4-4---4-|-2----2-2---2-||||--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------||
VERSE E D I wanna go deeper but is it just a stupid whim? C# B I wanna be weaker, being help to the strong, E D I wanna run faster, but this leg won't carry me, C# B I wanna be, I wanna be... Repeat BRIDGE A/F#m/C#m/B A/F#m/C#m/B/A Repeat CHORUS X2 E/B/C#m/A E/B/D/A E/B/C#m/A E/B/D/C#m ^(The vocals are the same BUT the chords change at the end of the 2nd chorus) INTERLUDE C#m B A Maybe I could run, Maybe I could follow, F#m G B B C It's time to walk the path where many seem to fall, C#m D A Hold me in your arms just like a father would, B C#m How long do we have to wait? D C How long?...We're going all the way. SOLO (with chords from CHORUS)
Then it's the CHORUS twice more and that's it. Chords [EADGBe] E x7999x B 799877 C#m x4665x A 577655 D x5777x F#m 244222 G 355433 Mail me with any comments or requests at Elliot ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at
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