Delirious - Shout To The North tab

Shout to the North"
By Delirious

G:320033 Cm:32033 D:0232 Em:022033

----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- --3---3-3-3---3---3-3-3---3-------------------------------- verse 1 G D Cm Men of faith rise up and sing G D Cm of the great and glorious king G D Cm You are strong when you feel weak G D Cm in your brokeness complete chorus: G Cm D Shout to the North and the South G Cm D Sing to the East and the West G Cm D Jesus is Saviour to all Cm D G Lord of heaven and earth
verse 2: G D C X3-----3-----2--------------0----------------------------------------3-----3--------------3------------------------------------------------------------0-------------------------------------------0----------------------------------------------------------------3-------------------------------------3--------------------------------------------------------
Rise up women of the truth stand and sing to broken hearts who can know the healing power of our awesome king of love chorus-2x 2nd time use Em instead of 3rd line G Bridge: Em Cm We've been through fire, we've been through rain Em Cm we've been refined by the power of his name Em Cm we've fallen deeper in love with You D You've burnt the truth on our lips chorus-2x 1st time singing only 2nd time Em chorus verse 3 G D Cm Rise up church with broken wings G D Cm fill this place with songs again G D Cm of our God who reigns on high G D Cm by His grace again we'll fly chorus- 1st time-no guitar 2nd time- G chorus 3rd and 4th time- Em chorus X3 C9 D G Lord of heaven and earth end on a single strum G
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