Delirious - My Glorious tab

Song: My Glorious
By: delirious?
Tuning: EADGbe (standard)

This is my first tab, I hope it helps. This is a little deviated from the original, it's 
for heavy distortion.

Intro:e|---------------| X2b|---------------|G|---------------|D|---------------|A|0h/o2222-0000--|E|0h/o2222-0000--| ( PM )
Pre-Chorus:e|---------------------|b|---------------------|G|---------------------|D|7-7-7----65-55-5-5-5-|A|5-5-5-55-43-33-3-3-3-|E|---------------------| (PM)
Chorus:e|----------------------------|(played twice i think)b|----------------------------|G|----------------------------|D|----------------------------|A|777777-555555-444444-222222-|E|555555-333333-222222-000000-|
Bridge:(my glorious, my glorious, my glorious...)e|-------------------------------------------------|b|-------------------------------------------------|G|0h/o55555-5h/o77777-7h/o99999-9h/o11 11 11 11 11-|D|0h/o55555-5h/o77777-7h/o99999-9h/o11 11 11 11 11-|A|0h/o55555-5h/o77777-7h/o99999-9h/o11 11 11 11 11-|E|-------------------------------------------------| ^ (these are played the same, i just spaced them to prevent confusion)
thats it i think, we play this in our p&w band and we modified it a little to suit our playing style.
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