Delirium - Darkness Follows tab

Ok, this is a song is written by me.
I am the lead guitarist of Delirium, Nicholas Bryant.
I made this song using the first three chords I ever learnt, but I changed some of it a 
So just go with it. It's a acoustic/rock song, but it can be played on th acoustic 
on an amp.

Ok the first thing you need to know is that I use moderate strumming.
Example alot of Up and Down strokes.

R1M Rest 1 Measure, the rest varies with number.
Up stroke U
Down Stroke D
The song is in 4/4.

Intro Em Em D D D DU D D D D UD DE|--0--0----|----0-00-0-|-------|---------|A|--0--0----|----0-00-0-|-------|---------|D|--0--0----|----0-00-0-|-------|---------|G|--2--2----|----2-22-2-|-0--0--|-0--00-0-|B|--2--2----|----2-22-2-|-2--2--|-2--22-2-|E|--0--0----|----0-00-0-|-0--0--|-0--00-0-|
D D D DD U UDE|----------|-----------|-------|---------|A|----------|-----------|-------|---------|D|----------|-----------|-------|---------|G|-2--2-----|----2-22-2-|02-----|---R1M---|B|-0--0-----|----0-00-0-|00-----|---------|E|-0--0-----|----0-00-0-|00-----|---------|
Main Riff Em Am Em Am D D U D D D U U U D D D D D D UE|-0-0-0-0--|-0-0-0-0---|-0-0-0-0--|-0-0-0-0---|-1-1-1-1--|A|-0-0-0-0--|-1-1-1-1---|-0-0-0-0--|-1-1-1-1---|-3-3-3-3--|D|-0-0-0-0--|-2-2-2-2---|-0-0-0-0--|-2-2-2-2---|-2-2-2-2--|G|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2---|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2---|-0-0-0-0--|B|-2-2-2-2--|-0-0-0-0---|-2-2-2-2--|-0-0-0-0---|----------|E|-0-0-0-0--|-0-0-0-0---|-0-0-0-0--|-0-0-0-0---|----------|
The song continues with the Main Riff repeating, and it ends with the Intro being played but the second time around, with the last two measures play it slower.
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