Delorentos – Did We Ever Really Try Acoustic chords

Did We Ever Really Try?  (Acoustic Version)
(Standard Tuning. Played with bar chords but regular open chords are fine)


Bb Gotta goosebump on my neck
Gm Gotta shortness in my breath
Bb Gotta sense of history
F Still a shroud of mystery
Bb (Tab) A|--------5-----3---1- There's a yearning in my soul
Gm (Tab) A|----5----3-----------(Tab) E|------------3-------- For a love I used to know
F(Tab) D|----------------3----- (Tab) A|--------5----3-------- Something preying on my mind
F (Tab) D|--------------3----- (Tab) A|--------5--3-------- Will there be a better time and
D# F Gm Did we ever really try to make it
F Did we ever really try
D# Did we ever really to face it to see eye to eye
D# F Gm Or did we just run 'cause it's too hard
Bb F And we keep on running on the spot
Bb I've got lightning in my veins
Gm A desire that never wains
D# I can't sleep a wink tonight
Bb Lie awake still mystified that
Gm I had a chance to make it real
D# I had a chance to break
Bb But the wound wouldn't heal
F Now what am I to do
F D# When I don't have you, when I don't have you
D# FTrue hearts
Gm D#True hearts Repeat
hearts............ Bb Gm F D# Delorentos - Did We Ever Really Try? Taken from the 'Little Sparks Acoustic Sessions' 2011 Tab by
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