Delphic - This Momentary chords


[Delphic - This Momentary]

Sounds good on acoustic, this is how I play it. Enjoy.


Bm D/F# GWe, you and me what is said wasn't never meant to hurt,
Em7Real stories always come off worse
Bm D/F# G Em7Can we make the time to leave it behind and reshape, remake our faith in
Bm D/F#what we see, how you feel so unsteady,
G Em7 I'm already out of reach, remember finding your feet,
Bm D/F#In a fine time, take the time to find me,
G Em7 Bm D/F# G Em7I'll be ready waiting lets do something real...
Bm D/F# G Em7Lets do something real
============== Verse Repeated ============== =========== Pre-chorus: (build up with a Bm5 chord or just keep the same chord progression) =========== Bm5 Lets do something real ======= Chorus: =======
Bm Dmaj7 GOooooooooooOoooooooh whoooahhh
Real something, real something, lets do something real ============== Verse Repeated ============== ============= Outro Chorus: (repeat as necessary) =============
Bm Dmaj7 GLets do something real
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