Delta Goodrem – Butterfly chords

Ai won't hurt you
Ei'll protect you
Gi won't let the rain fall down
Di'll always be around
A Eand baby i will understand if sometimes
Gyou just want to spread your wings and fly
Dand let your colours shine
A Eand everyday i wanna be a risk you take
G Dmake a promise that will never break for life
Ayou're my butterfly
Em Gdon't fly away open my hands your free
Dpraying you'll come back to me
Ayou're my butterfly
Em don't fly away
Gyou're my reality
Dalways be my gravity
A you're my butterfly Em
G Dcome on and touch the sky
Ayou're my butterfly
i won't forget you or neglect you won't let no-one take your place in your eyes i see my face and baby do you know that everybody watches every time that you take flight they're blinded by your light every day the feeling's gonna be the same i can promise that will never change for life [chorus]
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