Delta Spirit – Ballad Of Vitaly chords

Left handed
Delta Spirit - Ballad of Vitaly

for me the best song of the new album, true, moving story

Tuned down a half step

C* x32013


   G  C   G  (picked)

G C C* EmIn the German sky there once was a plane
C G D/F# EmIt carries 71 children and their mothers to spain
D/F# GWell this plane was sure something
C* EmIt was full of young Russians
C G D/F# EmProudly to gander at topics discussin'
D/F# G C* Em Now Pete the Swiss was doublin' shifts
C G D/F# EmJugglin' the iron controlled by his lips
D C D/F# EmNot a minute too soon children fell to their doom
C G D/F# EmStruck dead in the air, orphan a father or two
D G C GHe just laid in the alley Now orphan Vitaly
C G C Gmet a young girl married her quickly
C G C GWas so damn in love that they had their two kids
C G C GHad a great job; construction in Spain
C G C GThey were going to see Papa from Caucasus mountain range
C G C GNow that damn Swissman crashed them into a plane
C GI will find where he lives
C G C GSpeak to his face with the blood in my eyes
D/F# EmHe will see my pain
D GMany weeks passed
D/F# EmFor fear of a sui
C G D/F# EmThe airline said nothin, Vitaly turned blue
D CFor the killing they done
C* EmNo apology made
C G D/F# EmIs it 'cause we are Russian you treat us this way
D G D/F# EmThrough a friend that he new Vitaly found Pete
C G D/F# EmHe came to his doorstep expecting to speak
D CBut Pete blew him off
D/F# EmThrew down the pictures Vi brought
C G D/F# EmPictures of the 3 most important he lost
D G /F# /E GAs the pictures fell down
D/F# EmRe-enacting the day
C G D/F# EmVitaly's eye blackened no human remained
D GWell so much can be said
C GFor a man in his shoes
C G D/F# EmThere's no glamour in vengeance There's only this rule:
D C D/F# EmThat the lives you lost can never come back
C G D/F# EmAnd the deed in return is worse than the act
D C D EmBlinded by love and the pain of his loss
C G D/F# EmHe could not remember the act of assault
D G D EmHe awoke in his room all covered in blood
C G D/F# EmThe cops they'd come knockin they knew what he'd done
D C D EmThe government leaned Vitaly was free
C G D/F# EmThey called him the hero, a man above kings
D C D EmA shadow of man, they were praising his deed
C GHe was alone
C GKilled a father of 3
C G C GNo deed that he did could make him complete
C G C GIt could have been different if only Pete said
C G C G"I'm sorry for killin' the few joys you had"
C G C GBut now there's nothin' for Vitaly to do
C G C GBut step off a cliff or hang in the noose
C G C GRobbed of forgiveness that he could'a gave
D/F# EmThere's no man left to save
Outro: C G D/F# Em (repeat) Later theres always this figure for Em and C
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