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Delta Spirit - Home

half step down


G C/BBe like a rug, hashed out in club
Am7 GAnd it's all for my better men
I'll give you a rib, with the mirror all dried up When it's not much but a widow's gift
CIn the right raise of sun
BmIf you squint hard enough
Am7 D/F#There can be only one like it
I'd write you a song, for all men to be one And I'll sing it from a place of pride I can sing over most and I'd gladly be the host But most often I just hang my head and cry There's a song beneath the earth There is eyes within the dirt Under the nails of a working man Drug in by the rain, all the crooked ways I think A wish as in a mood to die But life, it is good, no matter how far you sink Sometimes sitting still is better than to drop When you're down in a hole When your heart's weighed down like gold There is a hand that can reach you there
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