Delta Spirit - People Turn Around tab

I'm not sure about all of the lyrics.  
Either way, this song is amazing...

D                        G             D
Eighteen in jail and with guns in their hands
         A                         G             D
They were fighting for freedom, but just what is that?
                       G            D
Bills to the banks, and food for the kids
    A                     G           D
With money for college but couldn't get in
                             G        D
Made all the grades but God's taken to task
      A               G         D
Lies a man in an alley wearing a mask
                        G            D
Screaming she begs as the people walk by
       A                       G         D
But the man he just laughs, the woman she cries

        D                    G      D
Well its time all you people, turn around
        A                      G        D
For the life we've been living, messing around
                          G        D
Blood we've been spilling, bleed us dry
         A                        G                  D                                   
Cause the life you've been killing is your life like mine

The needle is sweet and the snow it is pure
The pain I've been hiding from I'm finding a cure
The night it is warm and the light it is cold
The family I'm robbing, I'm calling them home


My heart it is thumping my veins they are blue
Blood has been pumping still hasn't met you
The beard that I'm growing will not fully grow
Years are not coming the way I thought they would

Hoping and waiting for something to seem
Like the angels in heaven, bombs on the street
Hoping for love to find a new voice
The song that needs singing has already been sung before

Chorus x2

--MiScHiEf BrEw--
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