Demetri Martin – Person tab

In Demetri Martin's stand up special known as, "Person", he does a rant about half way
through the song with a mix of chords and arpeggio picking. I had a hard time figuring
out most of the chords, so I only managed to find the arpeggio bit. When he does the 
arpeggio picking it is a repeat of what appears to be a D, C, then G. His fingering looks
different, but I think he was holding a note behind another one he was already playing, 
to make an easier transition to the next chord.

NOTE: This is not the whole performance, just the one part.

D C Ge|-------------|-------------|-------------|B|---------3---|---------1---|---------3---|G|-------2---2-|-------0---0-|-------0---0-|D|-----0-------|-------------|-------------|A|-------------|-----3-------|-------------|E|-------------|-------------|-----3-------|
This also sounds nice if you do the triad (up-down-up notes) down one string with the fingering of the chord still correct. This is my first tab, and I love Demetri Martin a lot, but there aren't many of his performances tabbed, and none of them give credit to him. Thanks, and enjoy. If you find any of the other chords, just let me know and I will try to make better sense of the song.
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