Demi Lovato – Who Will I Be tab

Demi Lovato
Who Will I Be
Camp Rock Soundtrack
2008 Hollywood Records
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Key: G

Tuning: Drop D

Intro:e|------------|B|------------|G|------------|D|-14--12--10-|A|-14--12--10-| x2D|-14--12--10-|
Verses: Palm mute
Guitar 1:e|------------|B|------------|G|-------5----|D|-2--0--5--5-|A|-2--0--3--5-| x2D|-2--0-----5-|
Guitar 2:e|-----7-|B|---8---|G|-7-----|D|-------|A|-------| x8D|-------|
Refrain: "Why not try everything"e|----------|B|----------|G|-----5----|D|-0---5--5-|A|-0---3--5-| x3D|-0------5-|
"coz it's my life And now's the time"e|------------|B|------------|G|----3--5----|D|-3--3--3--0-|A|-3--1--3--0-|D|-3--------0-|
Guitar 1:e|------------|B|------------|G|----5-----5-|D|-5--5--0--5-|A|-5--3--0--3-| x3D|-5-----0----|
Guitar 2:e|------------7---10---|B|---8---10-----8----8-|G|-7---7----7----------|D|---------------------|A|---------------------| x3D|---------------------|
Bridge: "Be I want to find that..."e|------------|B|------------|G|----5-------|D|-3--5--3--0-|A|-3--3--3--0-|D|-3-----3--0-|
Guitar 1:e|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|D|-14--12--10--5--14--12-|A|-14--12--10--5--14--12-|D|-14--12--10--5--14--12-|
Guitar 2:e|-----7-|B|---8---|G|-7-----|D|-------|A|-------| x6D|-------|
Tricky Part:e|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|-3-2------2-3-5--4-5-7p6-|D|-----5-3-----------------|A|-------------------------|D|-------------------------|
Outro: Same As Interlude Chords used: Drop D only Em - 222xxx D - 000xxx C - x355xx G - 555xxx Am - 777xxx F - 333xxx Bb - 888xxx this song is pretty easy to learn and fun to play so have enjoy!! E x755xx D x577xx C x355xx G 355xxx A 577xxx Intro: Em--D--C-- x2 Verse 1: Em How to choose? D Who to be? C Well, let's see G Em There are so many choices now D C Play guitar, be a movie star G In my head, a voice says Refrain: D C G Why not, try everything? D C G Why stop, reach for any dream? D C G F I can rock, cause it's my life Bb C And now's the time Chorus: D G Who will I be? C It's up to me D C G All the never ending possibilities C That I can see D C There's nothing that I can't do G Who will I be? C Yes, I believe D C I get to make the future what I want to Am If I can become anyone and C know the choice is up to me Who will I be? Interlude: Em--D--C Verse 2: Em If I decide, D C I'm the girl to change the world G Em I can do it any time D C Opportunity right in front of me G And the choice is all mine (Repeat Refrain and Chorus except last word) Bridge: F be I wanna find out C who I am inside F Who will I be? I wanna show the the D way that I can shine... Em--D--C--G--Em--D--Tricky riff (Repeat Chorus) Outro: Em--D--C--G--Em--D--Tricky riff end on G
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