Demi Lovato – Whos That Boy chords

Who's That Boy - Demi Lovato feat. Dev
Standard Tuning, No Capo.

Since I couldn't find any chords for this already online, I came up with some. These are 
just some basic chords that work with the song.

Am C(Dev)[Intro]
AmI wanna get you by yourself
Yeah, have you to myself
CI don't need no body else
Don't want no body else
EmHe's special, I know
His smile, it glows
C [stop]He's perfect, it shows
(Demi)[Verse One]
AmI've been starin' at ya
CAnd I could do it all night
GYou're looking like an angel
DWith the kind of body needs a spotlight
AmAin't no body know your name
CBut looking like you do could be famous
GI could see us making ways
DFrom the back of the club
To a bed in the shade [Chorus]
EmNow I don't know who you are
CBut you look like a star
GAnd everybody here be thinkin'
DWho's that boy?
EmWanna take you home
CAnd get you all alone
GAnd everybody here is thinkin'
DWho's that boy?
EmOh he got me
CNo, I've never seen,
GNo one like him
DDamn he's everything
EmGirls they want him
CGuys they want to be
G DWho's that boy, Who's that boy
Am C[Verse Two]
AmYou could say that I'm distracted
CBut how you got me so attracted
GBut boy I'll tell you what the fact is
DThere's no one else in this room
Looking like you, you, you [Repeat Hook and Chorus] [Instrumental] Em C G D [Breakdown]
AmEverybody in the club turn around sayin'
CWho's that, Who's that
GBeautiful boy with them big brown eyes, tell me
DWho's that Who's that
AmI got my eyes on this boy
Can't get him off my mind
CHe's one of a kind
The cherry to my pie
EmI just wanna get him close
Wanna make him mine
CCome hold my hand and dance away the night
AmGive me the green light
Kiss my lips
CWho's that boy watching my hips?
EmI- I- I wanna know who you are
CMy name is Dev and you can be my star
[Repeat Chorus]
Am C Who's that boy, Who's that boy
G D Tell me who's that, who's that.
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