Demi Lovato – Youre My Only Shorty chords ver. 2


Chords relative to capo

CLast night was crazy and today it's setting in
AmDid you really mean it and could you say it again?
FOh, oh
CEven if you just say it over the phone
Come on, ring, ring, ring, ring
CLove makes me crazy, restless, dumb and paranoid
Am FBut I'll take a chance on us and hope you don't destroy my heart
G CJust give me one guarantee: I'm the only girl you see
What you say boy?
CYou're my only shorty
AmYou're my only shorty ee ee ee ee ee
FI'm telling you the truth
GGirl it's only you
CYou're my only, you're my only,
You're my only one and only shorty
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