Demon Hunter - Fading Away Acoustic chords


			     Demon Hunter - Fading Away (Acoustic)


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Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)


Em G D It's in this wake that I find myself
C D EmLosing the will to resume this Hell
G DWhen every breath is a dying wish
C D EmIt's harder to follow the point of this
G DThis broken place that I call my home
C D EmHas deepened the sorrow that I have sown
G DAnd I can't erase what's inside my heart
C D C-D-BmI want it to finish before it starts
Bm C DMy own solution insufficient again
Bm C DNo false illusion, this devouring threat
Bm CI break the vessel, giving air to its red
D EmAnd open my fate to the darkened sky
Em DI've been fading away
C I've been waiting on the call to reach my veins
D EmReady or not
DNo attention to waste
CEvery sorrow of the soul will read my name
D EmWhen I cease to exist
[Verse2 as before] So now I've come to the final sleep I pray that forgiveness is mine to keep I know it's hard to forget this man Driving the failure into your hands [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge] Em (a while) Bm (a while) C-D-Em (fast) [Chorus]
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