Dengue Fever - Sober Driver tab

Song: Sober Driver
Band: Dengue Fever

Great song, fun songóto sing and to playóalthough itís not all that well known.

Hereís what Iím hearing. It sounds 100% to me. Keep in mind, some parts are a bit tricky.

INTRO/INTERLUDE: |---------------------------------------| |-------10-------9------8-----7-----6---| |-------10-------9------8-----7-----6---| |-11h12----10h11---9h10---8h9---7h8-----| x2 |---------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------|
VERSE (listen for rhythm): (notes: SEGMENTS 1 & 2 played staccato. It means each note is very short. They are also somewhat palm-muted. SEGMENTS 3 & 4, meanwhile, are played more legato; they can ring.)
SEGMENT 1: |---------------------------| |---------------------------| |--------9------------------| |-------10-----10-----------| x4 |-12---12---12----12-11-10--| |---------------------------|
SEGMENT 2: |---------------------------| |---------------------------| |--------8------------------| |-------10-----10-----------| x2 |-12---12---12----12-11-10--| |---------------------------|
SEGMENT 3: |-----------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------| |-------10-------10-------10-------10-------10--| |----12-------12-------12-------12-------12-----| |-12-------12-------12-------12-------12--------| |-----------------------------------------------|
SEGMENT 4: |--------------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------| |-------10-------10--------9-------9-------9-| |----12-------12-------------12------12------| |-11-------11-------11----------11------11---| |--------------------------------------------|
Then play through VERSE a second time. All four segments are the exact same, except SEGMENT 3. For the second time through (EACH time the verse is played), SEGMENT 2 plays like this:
|------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------| |-------10-------10-------10--12--14--12--10-----|
|----12-------12-------12---------------------12-| (then onto SEGMENT 4) |-12-------12-------12---------------------------| |------------------------------------------------|
CHORUS: Am C F E You call me up because Iím sober and you wanted me to drive Am C F E Iím getting tired of being treated as just a free ride Am C F E Iíve finally figured out that youíre just a thorn in my side (no chords) Thatís withered, dull and dry Then VERSE (twice), then CHORUS again, then INTRO/INTERLUDE before VERSE run- through (with no lyrics), and finally CHORUS once more. End on Am.
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