Denison Witmer - California Brown And Blue tab

Denison Witmer
California Brown and Blue
The Militia Group
Tabbed By: Andrew

Intro:  D Bm G A (2X)

  D             		  Bm
She's the kind of girl that tends to brown
   G			      A
freckles on her elbows and her knees
  D				  Bm
And I'm the boy that passes through these towns
   G			      A
I leave before we find out what it means

           G		       A
I'll send a letter addressed to you
          D            A             Bm
it says you're my California brown and blue
         G                   A
Another chorus line gives into waves
it fades away 

  D                            Bm
So I push through another hotel door
   G                                    A
and I pull back the bed sheets till they break
    D                             Bm
and I sleep so hard I don't even dream
  G                             A
weightless in the arms of Golden Gate

          G                A
The only music I want to hear
      D                   A             Bm
is the sound of the last light that disappears
   G                   A
Another songbird gives up it's wings
it fades away

The verses then repeat.

Postlude: D Bm G A (Until end of song)
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