Dent May And His Magnificent Ukulele - Howard tab

Listen to this song off of "The Feel Good Music of Dent May" to get the strumming pattern.

Capo on 4
Standard Tuning
Intro C

C                F        C
Howard only sang rock and roll songs 

C               F                 C
Out on the road until it all went wrong

C                        F          C
He's been down since the band broke up

C                   G                 C
Singing them songs got him all choked up


Howards going bald now

He feels like a hack

He thought that he was burnt out 
But he's back

C       F      
Howard, Howard 
C                     G
Howards got a one man show
C        F
Howard , Howard
C             G       F
Howards got a one man show
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