Denver John – Sunshine On My Shoulders tab

This is a really great song. These guitar chords however are not in the same key as the 
It is keyed up for someone who sings higher. Im not real sure on the words either but I 
the chords work.
Have fun!!!!!

What I do before the hammer is make an A chord so you're not just using your pointer finger.----------------------------------------------------------------|-----------2-----------3------------2---------------3-----------|-------------2------------------------2-------------------------|-------2------------0-----------2---------------0---------------|----0----------0h2-----------0------------0h2-------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------|IntroPlay the intro 2x before you start singing. Also play the intro all the way into the until the word cry in the second line.
intro Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy intro Bm E sunshine in my eyes can make me cry intro sunshine on the water looks so lovely Chorus intro sunshine almost always makes me high A Bm C#m D If I had a day A Bm C#m D I could give to you A Bm C#m D Bm I'd give to you a day just like today Chorus Verse 2 is the exact same but with different words
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