Department Of Eagles - Waves Of Rye chords

Intro: (This is how to play the chords, I don't know what they're called though...)

|-----------||-----------||-9--0------||-6--9-7-10-||-7-10-4-7--||-0-10-5-8--| FIRST TIME
|-----------||-----------||-9-7-------||-6-9-10-9--||-7-8--7-6--||-0-10-8-7--| SECOND TIME
|-----------||-----------||-9-7-------||-6-9--7-10-||-7-8--3-6--||-0-10-5-8--| THIRD TIME
|-------------||-------------||-7-10--------||-6-9--7-9-10-||-7-8--3-5-7--||-0-10-5-7-8--| FOURTH TIME
C C#m E C#mGhastly protector
ASave me from this waste
C C#m E C#mHe's drifting off, sleepy bastard
ADrowning in the waves of rye
C#m BSpinnin' round the ballroom floor
C#m BRound and round the ballroom floor
C#m B E ANever seen but always saught after
E A C#m C A After, after
B Ghastly protector
C GSave me from this waste
BHe shakes me up like no other
C GLaughing in my face
BHe's mouthing off like a bastard
C GDrowning in those waves of rye
Bm ASpinnin' round the ballroom floor
Bm ARound and round the ballroom floor
Bm A D GNever seeking but always saught after
D G Gm DAfter, after
Interlude x2 D, F, Gm, A
DHeaven is a ballroom
GmWith high ceilings
DFilled with white balloons
GmAnd smoke machines
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