Depeche Mode - The Dead Of Night chords

G7		353433
Dm6		xx0201
Gadd9		xx0203
Dadd9 xx0770Gadd6 055400
Comment: (Capo first fret, all chords relative to capo), Slide from E to Gadd6 We're the [Em]horniest [G]boys With the [Em]corniest [G]ploys Who take the [Em]easiest [G]girls To our [Em]sleaziest [G]worlds E---Gadd6 E---Gadd6 With our [Em]lecherous [G]plans In our [Em]treacherous [G]hands You'd be [Em]wasting your [G]time Saying [E]no, it's a [G]crime E7---G7 E7---G7 [Bm]All that we [D7]live for you [G] will regret [F] [Bm]All you re[D7]member we[G] will forget [F] We are the [D] dead of night [C7] We're in the [D] zombie room [F7] We're twilight's [D] parasites [C7] With self-[D] inflicted wounds [F7] We are the [D] dead of night [C7] We're in the [D] zombie room [F7] Heavenly [D] oversights [C7] Eating from [D] silver spoons [F7] E7---G7 E7---G7 With our [E] decadent [Gadd6] minds And our [E] innocent [Gadd6] lines You'll be [E] playing our [Gadd6] games With your [E] bodies in [Gadd6] flames When delirious fun Has seriously begun You'll be down on your knees You'll be begging us please [Bm]All we're [D7]demanding you[G]'ll supply[F] [Bm]All we're [D7]accused of we[G]'ll deny[F] We are the [Dm6]dead of night [Gadd9] We're in the [Dm6]zombie room[Gadd9] We're twilight's [Dm6]parasites [Gadd9] With self-[Dm6]inflicted wounds[Gadd9] We are the [Dm6]dead of night[Gadd9] We're in the [Dm6]zombie room[Gadd9]
Heavenly [Dm6]oversights [Gadd9] Eating from [Dm6]silver spoons[Gadd9]
We are the [Dadd9]dead of night
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