Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence chords

Intro (Bm) (D)---------------------------------
BmWords like violence
DmBreak the silence
GCome crashing in - Into my little world
BmPainful to me
DmPierce right through me
GCan't you understand - Oh my little girl
---------------------------------------- [Chorus]
EmAll I ever wanted
GAll I ever needed
Bm DIs here in my arms
Em GWords are very unnecessary
Bm BbThey can only do harm
(Bm) (D) x2----------------------------------------
BmVows are spoken
DmTo be broken
GFeelings are intense - Words are trivial
BmPleasures remain
DmSo does the pain
GWords are meaningless - And forgettable
------------------------------------------ [Chorus] (Bm) (D)
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