Depeche Mode – Heaven tab ver. 2

                            Heaven - Depeche Mode
Tabbed by: Myself

Tuning: Standard

This is the second song revealed off of the upcoming album 'Delta Machine.'

--Chords (Verse)--

Each chord gets a measure, so:

Bbm            Ab        Gbmaj7  Fm
   Sometimes I slide away,       silently

--Chords (Chorus)--

These three chords repeat for the first three phrases of the chorus:

Ebm      Db      Bbm
   I dissolve in trust

At the end of each phrase during the Bbm, this riff is played:

At the end of the chorus, after the Bbm, a Gbmaj7 is played, so: Eb Db Bbm Gbmaj7 I will end up dust; I'm in Heaven.
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