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Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 21:43:23 +0300 (MSK)
From: Max Stepanov 
Subject: CHORDS: The Bottom Line by DEPECHE MODE

{title: The Bottom Line}
{subtitle: Depeche Mode - 'Ultra' (97)}

{define: Dm   - 557765 or 000231}
{define: F    - 587565 or 133211}
{define: B or A# - 688766 or 113331}
{define: C    - 335553}
{define: Cbm-5- xx5653}
{define: Bm6  - 688686}

[Dm]Like a cat
Dragged in from the [F?]rain
Who goes [Dm]straight back out
To [F]do it all over [B]again
I'll be back for [Dm]more
[Dm]It's something
That is out of our [F]hands
[Dm]Something we will [F]never under[B]stand
It's a hidden [Dm]law

The apple [C]falls
Destiny [B]calls
I follow[F] you


{comment: you may play the next verse like this:} Dm F DmE-------0-1-0---------------------------0-1-0------|B-----3-------3-1-3-------1-----------3-------3-1--|G---2-------------------2---2-------2--------------|D-0-------------------3-------3---0----------------|A-------------------3-----------3------------------|E-----------------1--------------------------------|
F B BE-----------------------0-1-0----------------------|B-3-------1-----------3-------3-1-3-------3--------|G-------2---2-------3-------------------3---3------|D-----3-------3-----------------------3-------3----|A---3-----------3-1-----------------1-----------1--|E-1------------------------------------------------|
Dm DmE-------0-1-0----------------------|B-----3-------3-1-3-------3--------|G---2-------------------2---2------|D-0-------------------3-------0----|A-------------------0-----------0--|E----------------------------------|
{comment: of course, it's not too close to source :-)} Like a [Dm]pawn On the eternal [F]board Who's [Dm]never quite sure [F]What he's moved [B]towards I walk blindly [Dm]on And heaven is in front of [F]me [Dm]Your heaven beckons [F]me enticingly[B] When I arrive It's [Dm]gone The river [C]flows The wise man [B]knows I follow [F]you [F] [C]I'm yearning [B]I'm burning [C]I feel love's [B]wheels turning [C] [C7] Like a [Dm]moth on love's bright [F]light [Dm]I will get burned [F]Each and every [B]night I'm dying [Dm]to(o) The sun will[C] shine The bottom [B]line I follow[F] you [C]I'm yearning [B]I'm burning [C]I feel love's [B]wheels turning [C] [C7] Like a [Dm]moth on love's bright [F]light [Dm]I will get burned [F]Each and every [B]night I'm dying [Dm]to(o) The sun will [C]shine The bottom [B]line I follow [F]you The sun will [Cbm-5]shine The bottom [Bm6]line I follow [F]you {comment: if here is something wrong, please, e-mail me} {comment: or e-mail me for no special reason... :-)}
---------------------------------------From: Max Stepanov, Russia, St.Petersburge-mail: July 1997
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