Depeche Mode - Precious Live tab

Depeche Mode's Precious (live at the shoreline) was amazing
Here is how Martin Gore Played it

Use Standard tuning.

Verse |----------3-------------|------------------------| |------------3-----------|---------------3--------| |------------------------|------------------2-----| |-------2----------------|-------2----------------| |-----2------------------|-----2------------------| |---3--------------------|---3--------------------|
Other Verse PartOptional (If 2 Guitars), otherwise the keyboard does this. (On the 5th time Martin plays the verse, this comes in) |------------------------| |------------------------| |--7-----9--9--9---7-----| |--7-----9--9--9---7-----| |--5-----7--7--7---5-----| |------------------------|
Chorus (it may not sound right to you, this is because Andrew Fletcher and the other keyboard are making the same sounds, which are louder than his guitar because he is only playing 1 at a time, rather than a chord)
|------------------------|------------------------| |-----------4------------|-----------3------------| |--9--7--4---------------|--9--7--4---------------| |------------------------|------------------------| |------------------------|------------------------| |------------------------|------------------------|
Outro (Play couple of times) |------------------------| |------------------------| |--7-----9--9--9---7-----| |--7-----9--9--9---7-----| |--5-----7--7--7---5-----| |------------------------|
Thats all there is to it This the order you play the song in...Enjoy Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Solo (keyboard solo, guitar does nothing during solo) Verse Chorus Outro
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