Deportees – Island Shores chords


Bb 4x (Just hit the Bb-note on 6th fret on low e-string, listen for pattern)


Bb 2x D# 4x (First time of the verse)

Bb 4x D# 4x (Rest of the verse)

Listen for strumming pattern!

Chorus Chords:

F Gm D# Bb 4x

Again, listen to the strumming pattern a.k.a how long the chords hits for so to speak.

The rest of the song is just using either the Verse chords or the Chorus chords
which makes this song really simple
and alot of fun to learn and play.
Perfect for people who knows how to play barre chords.

It is a real simple song in Bb-major and G-minor which scales can be applied to the song 
if you so desire.
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