Derek Webb – Zeroes And Ones tab

This is my first tab. Let me know if there needs to be a change anywhere.

Capo II

(Intro) G

This was real
            Bm          C                   Em
Oh this was what you've all come to see and feel
                    A    C
But I'm starting to doubt my reality
Em                 D        A    C
    'Cause it does not last long
Em           Em/D    D   Dsus   D
    Once the cash is gone

 G         D                    Em7   C
Eventually   all of this must become zeros and ones
   G          D                   Em7   C
In everything,   everywhere, everyone, zeros and ones

I'm in love
Oh I love what I can convince you of
'Cause I'm a prophet by trade
And a salesman by blood
Now I'm dying just to be
A filtered, sub-cultural version of me

   My blood is red
   Dripping on a page
A7                        D   Dsus   D
   If I'm brave enough to cut myself
   But the more it sells
A7                        D   Dsus   D
   It thins my blood
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