Derek Webb - I Wanna Marry You All Over Again chords

This is my first tab, and I've just kind of thrown it together from looking at
different videos of Derek playing it. Comments are welcome.

The main bass riff that he repeats throughout the verses goes something like this:

(Riff) I wanna marry you all over again I wanna meet you and I wanna be friends
F#7 BmI wanna chase you all the way to Tennessee---ee
(Riff) Iíll meet your parents at the airport bar Iíll take you out in my rental car
F#7 BmI wanna court you on the record labelís diiiiiime
C GCome on, baby, letís go back to the start
C GTake it back, sugar, then gimme your heart
C G FDonít you know, baby, I would do it all over again
(Riff) I wanna buy you an old upright I wanna accidentally stay all night
F#7 BmI wanna read the Bible and I wanna make ouuuuuut
(Riff) I wanna marry you all over again I wanna fall in love and say weíre just friends
F#7 BmI wanna race you all the way to Kansas Ciiiiiity
[Chorus] (Riff) I wanna give you a diamond ring and then weíll run into my ex-girlfriend
F#7 Bmoh, I wanna sing songs while the sunís going dooooown
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