Derek Webb - A City With No Name chords

Standard tuning
No capo

Am / D / Am / E

Am D Am Eeverything was beautiful
Am D Am Eeverything was right
Am D Am Ebut you could not discern the source
Am D Am Eof this pure delight
Am D Am Ewhere all your wildest dreams are tame
Am D Am Eall your fiction true
Am D Am Ebut you have less control of it
Am D Am than it has of you
C G C G Dit's a place you cannot live
C G C G Din a city with no name
C G C G Dyou can have what you bring in
C G C G Ebut it always ends the same
(verse 2, same as first) everyone was beautiful all the lights were bright the one you wanted most of all was yours without a fight the movement was so effortless the poetry inspired but she was yours without a word it's you that she desired (chorus) BRIDGE: Am Bb C Dm Em F G E (verse 3, same as first) everything soon disappeared one thing left to do the consummation of a dream finally coming true her mouth, the only thing that's real the reason you're alive your body paralyzed with fear a kiss before you die (chorus) That's it! Enjoy :)
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