Derek Webb – Please Before I Go chords

Please, Before I Go
Derek Webb - Mockingbird
Transcribed by John Huss

Capo I

G | Am7 | G/B | C2  (2x)

G Am7 G/B C2Kiss me once more, please, before I go
G Am7 G/B C2Kiss me sweetheart, and I won't go no more
Am7 G/B C2 'Cause I feel a little drunk
Am7 G/B C2 Like a man who just can't get enough
Am7 G/B C2 A7 D And there's just one thing that can cool my head
G | Am7 | G/B | C2 (2x)
Am7 G/B C2 Like an addict to his fix
Am7 G/B C2 So am I to your sweet lips
Am7 G/B C2 A7 D Dsus The wife of my youth, my drug of choice
G:320033 Am7:x02013 G/B:x20003 C2:x32033 D:xx0232 Dsus:xx0233 A7:x02023
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