Derek Webb – Love Is Not Against The Law chords

Love Is Not Against The Law
Derek Webb - Mockingbird
Transcribed by John Huss

CPolitics or love
EmCan make you blind or make you see
AmMake you a slave or make you free
Am/G F But only one does it all
CAnd it's giving up your life
EmFor the ones you hate the most
AmIt's giving them your gown
D7When they've taken your clothes
C Am Em FIt's learning to admit
C Am G FWhen you've had a hand in setting them up
G/B F/CIn knocking them down
C FLove is not against the law
Am D7Love is not against the law
C G F C Love, love, love
Are we defending life When we just pick and choose Lives acceptable to lose And which ones to defend ‘Cause you cannot choose your friends But you choose your enemies And what if they were one One and the same Could you find a way To love them both the same To give them your name C:x32010 Em:022000 Am:x02210 G:320003 F:133211 G/B:x20003 F/C:x33211
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