Derogatory Remarks - 40 Dreams tab
Artist: Derogatory Remarks
SOng: 40 Dreams  2004
Album: Marcie Got the Monster EP


      D      B       G      Em     A

e -2- -x- -3- -0- -0-b -3- -x- -0- -0- -0-g -2- -4- -0- -0- -2-d -0- -4- -0- -2- -2-a -0- -2- -2- -2- -0-E -0- -0- -3- -0- -0-
Intro DDBG x4 Verse 1 D G B A gonna start tonight a little early D G B A gonna drink the hard stuff nothing girlie D G B A gonna try to talk to that girl that I like D G B A even though last time she said to take a hike Chorus D D B G Heres to not knowing when to quit D D B G heres to not knowing when to give a shit D D B G heres to another pathetic drunken night D D B (2 strums mute) G (2 strums then mute) 'cause a 40 and dream its all that- Im gonna- D D B G need tonight DDBG x4 Verse 2 Blurry vision seeing double its been a great night my ex-girlfriend got arrested got her ass kicked in a fight and these drafts are tasting wonderful these shots are flying down and I'm hoping for a girl that weighs less than 300lbs Chorus DGBA x2 Chorus shut up already and end the song.
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