Derogatory Remarks – Blame The Dog tab
Artist: Derogatory Remarks
Song: Blame the Dog ©2004
Album: Marcie got the Monster EP


       C       F     D        G

e -0- -1- -2- -3-|b -1- -1- -3- -0-|g -0- -2- -2- -0-|d -2- -3- -0- -0-|a -3- -0- -0- -2-|E -0- -0- -0- -3-|
Intro x2e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------2--2--------------2---2-----------------------------------------------|D|---2-3--0-------------2-3--0-------------------------------------------------|A|--3---------2--222---3---------2--222----------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1 C F D G mom and dad left for the weekend C F D G they asked me to watch mans bestfriend C F D G so I said sure I didn't have shit to do C F D G their house is sweet and they got liquar too as soon as they left I started to drink drank until I puked in the sink and when I woke up there was something on the rug and I'm pretty sure it weren't left by the pug Chorus C D F G the dogs gonna take the blame for this one C D F G 'cause mom and dad can't know what I've done C D F G if they find out I shit on the floor C D F G they ain't gonna let me drink no more Verse 2 last time I got drunk on the town my girl caught me messing around and I tried to say it wasn't me that she saw I tried my best to blame it on the dog but she didn't believe my story said theres something fucking wrong with me the dog didn't work for me that time but this time the dogs gonna work just fine Chorus Chorus end.
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