Des Ark - The Artistic Possibilities Of Substandard Housing And Food Stamps tab

Tuning: one whole step down (DGCFAD)


Oh oh darling, will you ring me up?
         E                               F#
will you take me to the drive-in, make a bed of your truck?
oh oh darling, I wouldn't die for you
            E                                   F#
but I might throw down in this dirt 'till these skinny knees turn blue
        B                     E    F#
just to beg a dance from you
if I believe in it, what wetness fills this cup
      E                                     F#
can I turn it into hope or is it still just some whiskey shot?
If it's money on my mind then it goes down rough
but if it's heartbreak that is drowning us 
   F#              B      E    F#
it goes down easy enough
well if lying up a storm hurts as bad as this
            E                      F#
why then do you insist lining your pockets with this?
well you ought shovel out your bed and lay for dead in it
         E                         F#                 B
don't be calling me up when you're sad that I don't regret
well ships go down and trains derail
E                  F#
tanks overturn and pilots bail
but if there's one thing that I learned in all of this
              E                           F#             B
it's that sometimes we sink, sometimes we sink before we sail
E                               F#             B    E    F#    B
sometimes we sink, sometimes we sink before we sail
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