Desaparecidos - Man And Wife The Former Financial Planning tab

This is my first tab.....Please feel free to leave any comments or changes that you
think should be made.

There isnt too many Desaparecidos tabs out there so i thought i'd submit this, once i
finish the rest of the song i'll submit the full song.

This is the intro to the song, but it is also the main riff that is played throught the

e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-2--4-----------------------2--4-----------------------------------------|D|-2--4---9-7--6--4-4--6------2--4---9-7-6-6--4--7--2----------------------|A|-2--4-----------------------2--4-----------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| (Play x2)
then the lyrics come in....and pretty much this riff is repeated again and again untill the bridge and solo.
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