Descendents – Bikeage tab ver. 2

 By The Descendents
this was tabbed by Ryan  (
you know there's something wrong when you see pages of green day tabs and only a couple of descendents tabs.
I don't know how to play the intro,..if somebody does and could email it to me that would be nice.  this is really easy, just listen to the song.
this sounds right to me.

runnin out of time again....e:-------------------------------------------|B:-------------------------------------------|G:--5---------5---7-----5---------5---7------|D:--5-3-7-5---5-3-7-5---5-3-7-5---5-3-7-3>5--|A:--3-3-7-5---3-3-5-5---3-3-7-5---3-3-5-3>5--|E:----1-5-3-----1---3-----1-5-3-----1---1>3--|
sittin there with your mouth full of beer..... e:-----------------------|B:-----------------------|G:-5-----5-------5---5---|D:-5-3---5-3-2---5-3-5-3-| repeat <---|A:-3-3---3-3-2---3-3-3-3-| |E:---1-----1-0-----1---1-| |
Runnin out of breath again........ | e:------------| | B:------------| | G:-5-7-10-12--| | D:-5-7-10-12--| | A:-3-5--8-10--| | E:------------| |
Wearin off, wearin out.... | e:---------------| | B:---------------| | G:-5--12--7--10--| | D:-5--12--7--10--| | A:-3--10--5---8--| | E:---------------| |
| Sittin there with your mouth full of beer ------------|
Not me,..Not me,..Not me..e:----------------|B:----------------|G:-5---5---5---4--|D:-5-3-5-3-5-3-4--| A:-3-3-3-3-3-3-2--| E:---1---1---1----|
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