Descendents – Clean Sheets tab

Intro: Eii, D (x4)
       G, D, Eii, C, B, C


G			B            C
clean sheets mean a lot to a guy who sleeps on the floor
G		   B                   C
i wanted your love and a shelf on your dresser drawer
G                    B                     C
you tucked me in and stopped my tossin and turning
    G                              B                    C
but i turned back the covers and i saw those sheets are dirty


Eii                D                    Eii      C
even though you'll never come clean you know its true
G                D         B      C
those sheets are dirty and so are you

the warmth of a bed to a guy who sleeps on the floor
was enough to perpetuate all the lies i heard before
now i wanna hold you gotta hold my pillow instead
cause my pillow will never lie or be with a stranger in my bed



B                     C                G
wheres the love i was looking for? its out the door
B                 C                  G
i'm afraid to see you anymore so its back on the floor
      B                C
cause those sheets are dirty

Eii, D (x3)


Verse3: woke up this morning alone on the floor thinking about those clean sheets and the way it was before when i looked in the mirror i saw your face & thought of the past now i know how dirty you are i took my fist and smashed the glass CHORUS (x2)
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